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Streptokill 25 ml

  1. Streptokill is 100% natural and it works!

  2. The earlier you begin to apply it on streptococci in your throat, the earlier it helps you

    … only a day can mean the tonsillitis does not get into the worst stage, so we extend the express delivery

    … to protect from having tonsillitis again, apply a bit of Streptokill whenever you feel "scratching in the throat"
Streptokill 25 ml
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Our tip

If you have severe tonsillitis 1 package of Streptokill might not be enought, therefore we recommend you our offer "Buy 2 get 1 free". After you cure tonsillitis we recommend you to keep Streptokill still with you  so you can use it whenever you throat starts to feel sore and prevent another tonsillitis. It is also important to use Streptokill soon as possible for insect bites, open wounds and treatment of other infections mentioned on

Composition - Dosage - Label STREPTOkill®,
25ml, food supplement, alc. min. 58% vol.


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Also available in chemistries

Praha, Brno, Ostrava

Jihočeský kraj, Jihomoravský kraj, Karlovarský kraj, Královehradecký kraj, Liberecký kraj, Moravskoslezský kraj, Olomoucký kraj, Pardubický kraj, Plzeňský kraj, Středočeský kraj, Ústecký kraj, Kraj Vysočina, Zlínský kraj

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